Rostock – hanseatic flair and sailing traditions
Rostock is an attractive Hanseatic city and famous for historical treasures in the city centre. Modern style architecture is carefully combined with Gothic brick stone churches, convents, Hanseatic granaries and merchant houses. The oldest university in the Baltic is a permanent source for innovative thinking, economic progress and cultural life. At the seaside resort Rostock-Warnemünde locals and tourists enjoy the sandy beach, maritime flair from the lighthouse to sailing boats, fishing cutters and amazing cruise liners in summer.
Every year during the second weekend of August the Hanse Sail Rostock warmly welcomes sailors and visitors from all over the world. Barques, brigs, schooners, cogs and windjammers are the main actors of an unique maritime spectacle – Hanse Sail Rostock. Nobody can evade the special romantic charisma of this fantastic rendezvous of traditional ships.


Szczecin attracts tourists with its sailing atmosphere, proximity to the sea and multicultural past. Thanks to its geographic location, Szczecin, the capital of West Pomerania, is easily accessible by sea, air, and roads. The city is located on the junction of all modes of transport. The main reasons include nature tourism, water tourism and recently culture tourism, in particular cultural events organized by the Szczecin Philharmonic House, Dialogue Centre Upheavals, Opera at the Castle and the Museum of Technology.

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